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Cooking Instructions

Ngohiong and Ginabot

There are 3 ways to cook the Ngohiong and Ginabot:

Frying Pan - Ngohiong/Ginabot does not need to be deep-fried, just make sure you have enough oil to cover up to half of the items. The cooking oil must be very hot before you fry. Once the food is in the pan, make sure to flip from time to time so it does not burn. Cooking time should be around 4-6 minutes.

Airfry - Set the air fryer to 400 degrees, place the Ngohiong/Ginabot inside and set the timer for 8-12 minutes. The waiting time depends on the number of pieces you wish to cook. After 8 minutes, please check the ngohiong from time to time to avoid burning. Once you achieve the desired crispiness, you may remove it from the air fryer.

Oven/Toaster - Set the oven/toaster to 400 degrees. You will need the wire deck and tray when baking the Ngohiong/Ginabot to allow the oil to drip and avoid it from getting soggy. Cooking time is 10-20 minutes. Make sure to check after 10 minutes to avoid burning. Enjoy!


Microwave: The siomai is already cooked. You may microwave the whole bag or just a fraction of it. Microwave for 3 minutes, let it sit for 1-2 minutes in the microwave, flip the bag upside down, and microwave for another 2 minutes. Wait 1 minute before opening the plastic and transferring onto a plate. Top with chili, add calamansi/lemon, and a bit of toyo. Enjoy!

Steamer: Once water reaches a boil, add siomai onto the steamer and cover. Steam for 5-7 minutes. Do not overcook. Top with chili, add calamansi/lemon, and a bit of toyo. Enjoy!

Bolabola and Longganisa

If you opt to microwave the bolabola/longganisa, it only takes 2-3 minutes if thawed and 4-5 if frozen. You may add more time if it does not achieve your desired warmth.

You can also fry; it does not need to be deep-fried. However, make sure the oil is hot before adding the bolabola to the frying pan. Turn from time to time - cooking time is 6-8 minutes in total on medium heat.


We ship uncooked puso individually cling-wrapped to minimize spilling of rice outside the puso. The puso needs to be half-filled before boiling. If your rice spills, but the puso is still half full, you are good to go. Do not remove cling wrap until it's time to add the puso to the pot.

Bring a pot of water to boiling point. You will need to submerge the puso in rapidly boiling water for 30 minutes for 5-10 pcs. Remove the cling wrap when you are ready to add the puso to the pot. Boil the puso. Once you are done, remove the puso from the boiling water and let it drain. Slice in half and serve. Enjoy!